**COVID-19 UPDATE – 11/22/2020**

Snoqualmie Valley Hospital COVID-19 testing site is open as a drive-thru service and will be open weekdays from 10am to 2pm. Testing is recommended only for those with current symptoms or a recent direct and unprotected exposure to a known positive case. Registration forms will be delivered to waiting cars closest to the entry tent and can also be downloaded and completed prior to arrival.

Completed forms’ content will be captured in a photo through a raised car door window along with insurance and ID cards to limit staff exposure. Participants will be coached through the collection of their own nasal sample. Results will be available for review on our on-line portal 3-7 business days after collection; accounts will be created during the registration process.

NOTE: by order of King County Health Officer anyone who undergoes COVID testing for symptoms or exposure to someone with the virus must quarantine at least until test results are known and longer if results detect virus.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR VISITORS: For the protection of our vulnerable inpatients, we remain closed to in-person visitation. Several alternatives are available to maintain family connections—ask your family member’s care team for more details on these options.”

  • This is a cheerful place to do my outpatient rehabilitation. I’m getting what I need to get on with my life. The folks here are serious about helping, but fun. It always makes it seem easier. The hour always goes so fast when I come. –Joyce Lambi

  • The Hospital District van gets me there on time and picks me up on time. It’s a wonderful service because I couldn’t get here without it. The people are very great. I love them…all of them. Therapy has been excellent and it’s helped me. I can still walk.–Oscar J. Hjelt

  • My husband was seen in the ER at the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital. We were really impressed with the new facility and the quality of care. It’s nice to have this option so close to home!”–Kathleen Morris

Hospital Main Line: 425-831-2300