Welcome to MyChart

As of Sept. 19, 2022, Snoqualmie Valley Health uses MyChart for electronic medical records. This has been an all-hands effort to bring our patients the best access to their medical records, care teams and scheduling. 

You and your provider will have continued access to your records from your visits prior to Sept. 19.  If you would like to request a copy of your previous records, please email snoqualmiehealth@scanstat.com.  With our implementation of Epic you can access to your current record through MyChart.

If you received an email about activating your MyChart account, please click on the links below and follow the instructions. Here is a Quick Guide to logging into MyChart.

If you are having difficulties accessing your MyChart account, please call (833) 880-3100.

For more information about SVH’s investment in our Community, please see our news release.

What’s available in MyChart?

Through MyChart, you can view your:

  • Personal health record and medical history.
  • Lab and test results.
  • Health maintenance notifications.

You can also:

  • Request and schedule medical appointments at SVH locations. (Patient scheduling will begin in October.)
  • Request prescription renewals with your SVH provider.
  • Ask non-urgent medical questions.

MyChart Mobile App

You will be able to access your MyChart account on your Apple (iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch®) and Android devices. The app provides fast, secure access to the most frequently used features of MyChart. To use the mobile app, you must first have a MyChart account.

The secure app is free. Search for “MyChart from Epic” in the iTunes App Store™ or the Google Play™ Store. Open the app and access the state where your provider is located. Select your provider and log in with your MyChart username and password.

Proxy Access

If you manage MyChart for a family member, you can gain Proxy Access to a patient’s MyChart account. Here is a short video about how to set up proxy access.

Why did SVH change electronic medical records?

We are implementing a new records system which allow you to schedule online, communicate more effectively with your Care Team and improve access to your medical records. Additionally the new system ensures that your health information is at your provider’s fingertips when you need care. Because your medical records become seamless across our organization, as well as with providers outside our district, you can depend on accurate and efficient assessments, diagnoses and treatment. In addition, you’re scheduling and wait times will greatly reduce and you’ll have better coordination of care.