Anti-Coagulation Clinic

The purpose of an Anti-Coagulation Clinic is to monitor the blood thinning effect of Coumadin/warfarin to confirm it is adequate and not excessive. The clinic monitors the levels, gives dosing instructions and provides the necessary prescriptions for each patient.

The most important thing about Coumadin/warfarin is that it is monitored by only one person. Many physicians refer their patients to an Anti-Coagulation Clinic because of it’s exclusive focus and instructions are quickly obtained.

Anyone on Coumadin/warfarin can participate though they must be referred by the physician currently managing the Coumadin/warfarin. This referral is necessary to ensure that it is apparent who is now managing the Coumadin/warfarin dosing for the patient.

What to Expect, Results and Instructions

Our lab staff member will collect blood through a finger prick and analyze your sample immediately. You will then be given written instructions about your Coumadin/warfarin dose and when to return for your next test. Sometimes your results require the lab staff member to contact the physician overseeing the Anti-Coagulation Clinic in order to receive your dosing instructions. In this case, you will receive your written instructions within two hours. You will always receive them in written form.


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Other Locations

The Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Lab has expanded their Anticoagulation Clinic services to include Bellewood and University House, both located in Issaquah. Deborah, our phlebotomist, is available on site at University House from 9:00-10:30am Tuesday mornings and at Bellewood Retirement Living from 8:30-10:00am Wednesday mornings. These services bring convenience to the residents who may need these services so they don’t need to be shuttled to another facility to have their INR checked.

Lab Services at University House
Lab Services at Bellewood Retirement Living