Effective Treatment for Pain or Injury without Surgery

Dr. David Kim

 Dr. David Kim

Living in the Valley offers a variety of activities, from hiking to skiing, biking and sports. If you enjoy these activities, there is a chance you may suffer from an injury or pain. Sports medicine doctors are specially trained in treating injuries to the muscles, bones or ligaments caused by sports, activities or exercise. They can also manage arthritis.

Dr. David Kim is a Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine specialist at Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Clinic.

Kim received his medical degree from New York University School of Medicine in 1995. He completed his internship at New England Deaconess Hospital General Surgery and his residency at University of Washington Medical Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He completed his fellowship for Sports Medicine at University of Washington Medical Center. He is board certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

“I treat injuries and illnesses related to sports injuries and other conditions that involve the arms, legs, back and neck,” he said. “By providing proper diagnostic tests, I develop a treatment plan with the patient to help them return to the activities they previously enjoyed.”

His focus is to decrease pain and restore function and performance without surgery.

“In almost 90% of the cases, we are able to work with patients to help them improve their function and get them back to their previous level of activity and quality of life without surgery,” said Kim.

Dr. Kim described a female patient in her mid-thirties who had severe pain and swelling around her ankle.

“She had been suffering from this pain for some time before coming to me,” Kim said. “After an examination that included imaging tests, I determined she had a severe case of Tendonitis. I recommended a walking boot to immobilize her ankle, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication and orthotic shoes. After a few months of treatment, her tendonitis healed and she was able to return to her activities.”

As a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician, also known as a physiatrist, he also specializes in treating injuries of the bones, muscles, nerves and brain resulting from injuries or illnesses that may produce temporary or permanent impairment.

Steve Weaver, a resident of North Bend, was involved in a car accident in October 2014. He experienced hand numbness and knee pain resulting from the accident.

“I had heard Dr. Kim speak about his practice during a community presentation and immediately thought of him for treatment,” Weaver said.

After performing a series of diagnostic motion and response testing, Kim recommended physical and massage therapy as part of Weaver’s treatment plan. After months of treatment, Weaver was still unable to return to his prior level of activity.

“When it became apparent that treatment alone would not repair his injury, I knew the damage was more extensive,” Kim said. “I ordered an MRI and confirmed what I suspected; he had ruptured a disc in his spine.”

Even though sports medicine doctors do not operate, if surgery is required, they are able to expedite a referral to a surgeon.

“Dr. Kim was able to identify what was causing my pain, provide the proper diagnosis and get me the treatment I needed to heal,” Weaver said. “I’ve already referred three other people with back related issues to him and he was able to help them recover without surgery.”

For more information about Dr. Kim or to schedule an appointment, click here or call 425-831-2313. Snoqualmie Valley Hospital Clinic is located in the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital at 9801 Frontier Avenue SE, Snoqualmie.