Duane Anderson, MD

Duane Anderson, MD

"I am very happy to be part of the tremendous team here at Snoqualmie Valley Hospital. This is where I bring my family for care. My personal philosophy is that an excellent physician must be able to see themselves in the same situation facing the patient and answer the question “What would I want done in this situation?" Thank you for trusting us with your care. I truly believe you won’t regret it."

Specialty: Emergency Medicine – Emergency Department Medical Director
Board Certification: American Board of Emergency Medicine

Medical School: The Chicago Medical School Finch University of Health | Completed in 1995
Residency: University of Massachusetts Medical School | Completed in 1998


“I fell in love with the medical field when I first learned First Aid taking the Boy Scout First Aid merit badge. I later went on to become an Eagle Scout then worked my way through the field from Emergency Medical Technician to Registered Nurse to MD. Along the way I managed to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish. I have worked in several huge trauma centers such as Cook County Hospital in Chicago, and the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. Those huge facilities have tremendous resources but they are so busy that it is difficult to spend extra time to give each patient that personal touch. One of the best things about Snoqualmie Valley Hospital is we do have time to give that truly personalized care. We are here to help and we really do help you feel better faster!”

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