Body Composition Assessments

An advanced body composition exam is a quick, low dose X-ray exam that measures the three main tissues of the human body including bone, fat and lean mass. This exam may help your health professional assess what level of exercise or intervention is needed to maintain a good ratio between fat and lean muscle mass.

BodyLogic technology measures your body and bone mass, helping healthcare professionals to:

  • Assist you with your weight management program
  • Assist you with obesity-related conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndromes and osteoarthritis
  • Assist athletes train for better results

With precise measurements of body and bone mass, we’re able to develop tailored nutrition and weight loss plans and follow up with progress reports.

The Snoqualmie Valley Health Body Composition Assessment includes a body scan that usually takes about 15 minutes, and follow-up appointment with our provider to review the scan and discuss recommendations for setting and meeting goals.

The cost is $169.95. 

For more info and to schedule your Body Composition Assessment, please call our Clinic at (425) 831-2313.

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