What is the Affordable Access Program?

The Snoqualmie Valley Hospital District is committed to increasing the availability of health care in our community. Our Affordable Access program provides a cost-effective and convenient way for people to receive primary health care services. The program is for individuals, families and employers with no health insurance or high insurance deductibles. Regular physical exams and routine health screenings are an important part of preventive health care. They can help ensure that common, serious health concerns and conditions are detected and treated.

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Program Participants
People with no health insurance or a high-deductible insurance plan or employers who want to offer preventive care for their employees.

Membership Fees
The initial membership fee is $125.00. This covers the one-time application fee of $45, the first month’s membership fee of $40, and the following month’s membership fee of $40.

The is a $10 fee for same day visits.

Benefits & Services
Not limited by income, geography or pre-existing conditions. Yearly exams, chronic disease management and in-office procedures, such as lab testing and x-rays, are included as well as same/next-day appointments for illnesses and injuries. Flu vaccine included.

Service Location
This program is provided at our Snoqualmie Ridge Medical Clinic.

Contact Affordable Access
For more information, call Affordable Access at (425) 831-3561 or e-mail affordableaccess@snoqualmiehospital.org.